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About Us

Quinte'scent'ially British

Celebrating the joy of pets, our boutique collection of grooming gifts and treats keep hounds and homes in harmony.

From at-home washing, to on-the-go necessities, nutritious treats and fantastic gifts, we bring a fun tongue-in-cheek 'scents' of humour to all things dog.

Fun, fabulous & fragrant, our multitasking products have been specially formulated to deliver top quality grooming results at home.

Made in the UK, our grooming range uses a 100% natural aromatherapeutic scent alongside natural, active and botanical ingredients that are vegan friendly and pH balanced for dogs skin and fur. Our tasty treats are hand-baked in small batches in the heart of the English countryside.


The Power Of Scent

The Sniffe is at the heart of what we do.

Our fragrances are carefully crafted using the finest grade of 100% natural essential oils renowned for their aromatherapeutic benefits, to create harmony for hounds and humans alike. 

Woodland Wonderfur

Our signature scent runs through the entire grooming range.

Aromatic and woody, for dogs this is a familiar reminder of the natural grassy woodland smells encountered in the great outdoors. 

This creates a soothing and calming sensation for your dog and an alluring, aromatic fragrance for their owner

More about our fragrances
Our Philiso-woofy

For dogs who are one of the family

We're here to keep hounds, homes and humans in harmony

When it comes to smelling, looking and feeling good, we think our dogs deserve better... products that have been developed with their needs in mind, using high-quality ingredients and avoiding unnecessary 'nasties'.

Our new, award-winning range does exactly this: from grooming to treats, from bath-time to walkies - we have brilliant, fragrant, effective products that your dog will love as much as you do.

Pet Product Of The Year

A 'scents' of wellbeing

Your dog's sense of smell is 100,000 times more powerful than yours.

It's a skill that puts your canine's nose at the centre of their world. And its an incredible super-power that can be harnessed to improve their wellbeing

We worked with a specialist aromatherapist and some very picky pets to create 100% natural essential oil blends that not only smell amazing to humans, but delight our dogs too.

Derived from plants grown at high altitudes and cut at selective times, they are distilled for longer to extract the full aromatic volatile components. Potent and efficacious, these powerful ingredients are both high-quality and fabulously fragrant

Essential oil benefits
Derived from the distilled wood of cedar tree bark

A sweet warm woody & grounding scent. Smooth & slightly spicy with balsamic notes


  • Antibacterial properties
  • Great for fleas & ticks
  • Stimulating /Circulation booster
  • Soothing & Calming
  • Good for dry skin problems
Derived from extraction of the leaves and twigs of bitter orange

A citrus fresh sweet tangy scent with subtle floral & woody characteristics

  • Uplifting & reviving
  • Calming & balancing
  • Deodorising/cleansing
  • Antibacterial
  • Antioxident
  • Natural tonic boost
Juniper Berry
Extracted from the spicy blue/black berry fruit of the juniper tree

A deep aromatic herby wood scent with balsamic and green undertones



  • Powerful antiseptic, sudorific and vulverary properties
  • Good for soothing minor skin problems
  • Tonic boosting


Ho Leaf
Extracted and distilled from the leaves of the cinnamomum camphora plant

A refreshing clean sweet floral woody scent with delicate fragrant note


  • Helpful for respiratory problems
  • Calming & soothing
  • Gentle antiseptic
  • Stimulating
  • A natural deodorant
Known as the oil of tranquillity; derived from the aromatic plant roots of green grass native to India

An alluring woody reviving scent with fresh green crushed grass  leaves and fragrant earthy notes

  • Deeply grounding oil
  • Helps calm &  reduce anxiety & stress
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Tonic boosting properties
  • Antioxidant
Meet Our Dogs
Bruce Spring Clean!

Bruce is the Boss dog of Sniffe & Likkit

“For hounds like me that wriggle in the wash, my 3-in-1 ‘Fragrant Fur Coat’ shampoo is the best. Powered with calming and soothing essential oils and the latest in furcare technology, this shampoo is a multi-tasking performer. Cleansing, conditioning, deodorising and brightening, all at the same time. It’s an all-singing, all-dancing show-er time routine.

Some humans think that loads of ‘suds’ means a great wash… but that’s not true. Doggy skin like mine needs a low-foam, gentle wash that respects our skin.

You’re not cleaning the car, or the Sunday roast tin. You’re giving Bruce a Spring Clean.



The Countess of Cologne and a fine fragrance fashionista

"The last thing we pampered pooches want is to make our home, or hinds, whiffy of the woof. More than just deodorising, my special Fur Mist makes sure every hound and home smells amazing.

For those in the ‘nose’ (the ‘cogno-scenti’!) my ‘Give A Dog Cologne’ has a wonder-fur ‘fugere’ fragrance. Reminiscent of a walk in the woods… rich woody base notes combine with top notes of aromatic grasses. We dogs just LOVE IT and because the scent is 100% natural, we don’t get aggravated by the fake smells and nasties that come in other sprays.

Spritz this magic on your hound or home, cars, places or spaces to keep everything fabulously fragrant. And the special conditioning agents will give every dog a preen and sheen finish.

Give a dog cologne - because they’re woof it”

Furnessa x x x


Faster than the speed of sound… welcome Turbo, the gifted greyhound

“DUDES!! Turbo here… built for speed, i’m a lean machine with my paws so clean.

My ‘Wippets’ are paw-kit friendly and wipe a whiffy in a jiffy. My high-performance formula is turbo-charged with quillaja bark cleanser and aloe vera leaf juice.

Individually wrapped for an on-the-go refresher, when you’ve done the dirty the 100% biodegradable cloth won’t be hanging around for decades.

For dirty paws and chores, my Wippets are the perfect speed mates for any dog walker.

When you’re in need of some va-va-groom, just whip one out and wipe it!”

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