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Keep everyone and everywhere fresh, fragrant and fabulous with a few handy tools and accessories. Our complimentary products are designed to help keep cars, homes and spaces nice-smelling places. 

Glove My Dog
Deluxe Super Soft Natural Bamboo Towel | one-size stretchy mitts

This super-soft light-weight towel glove is made of a special blend of natural bamboo fibres using a patented technology Tamboocel. Unlike many traditional fabrics, bamboo has an ultra-fine microporous structure that gives it superior benefits over cotton, which can harbour malodours (and takes ages to dry). 

Environmentally friendly, these super soft towels are highly absorbent and fast drying... perfect for soggy doggies!

Scent Somethin' Nice
Scented Room Sachet | single

Make homes, cars and spaces to be nice-smelling places. 

These beautifully crafted scented hanging sachets have been infused with a wonderful woodland aroma, inspired by a walk in the woods.

Hang on hooks and knobs to help waft away the whiff of dogs!

Fast & Fragrant Paw-Kit Cleansing Wipes | Box of 10

Fabulously fragrant and conveniently packed to grab and go on the move. Box of 10 individually wrapped sachets.

Made with gentle cleansers and bark friendly ingredients –quillaja bark soap and white willow bark extract. Bonus soothing aloe vera leaf juice and Wiff Patrol odour neutraliser ensure these biodegradable paw-kit friendly cleansing cloths help wipe away a wiffy in a jiffy! 

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