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How to Recycle & Upcycle your Sniffe

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How to Recycle & Upcycle your Sniffe

When selecting and designing our packaging for Sniffe & Likkits grooming range, our founders wanted packaging that not only looked good but was good for the environment too.

We decided to use aluminium because it has an attractive brushed silver look with the added benefit of being both recyclable and - with a little imagination - reusable!

Reusing our Aluminium Packaging

Give A Dog Cologne 


How to Recycle & Upcycle your Sniffe
 A beaut of a bottle

Our wonderfur Conditioning Mist comes in a handy 125ml silver bottle with pump spray diffuser.

Once you have used the last drop on refreshing your beautifur dog, rinse out and refill. 

  • Use it as a starter dumbbell by filling it with sand or water
  • Just add water and use to spray leaves on house plants
  • Use as a refreshing facial spritzer to cool down and freshen up at the gym!
  • Use to dampen down flyaway hair 
  • Add your favourite essential oil to water and use as a room spray

We are likking it! 

Fab Paw Balm

How to Recycle & Upcycle your Sniffe
 The pawfect storage jar after use

Our generous jar of paw protection balm will take a while to use, but once you have scooped up the last drop on conditioning your doggy skin and paws, simply wash out thoroughly with hot water and detergent and use to store away all your little trinkets. 

Alternatively use in the kitchen to make up salad dressings and dips- a handy air-tight storage jar!

No Rinse Charming Powder Shower 
How to Recycle & Upcycle your Sniffe

Our Dry Shampoo Powder Shower is in a completely aluminium packet which means it is fully recyclable but but also is a great container for reusing!

Some of the ways our humans have reused it:

  • Powders and spices in the kitchen (with the easy twist top close it is great when cooking!)
  • Next step up dumbbell weight from our Conditioning Mist bottle
  • Refill for any powders

Scent Something Nice

How to Recycle & Upcycle your Sniffe
 Hang on hooks and knobs to waft away the whiffs of dogs!

Our gorgeous scented sachets are not just for wafting away the whiff of dogs. These natural paper sachets are filled with a special a natural substance which absorbs the  fragrance oils including cedar wood oil which is renowned for its benefits for keeping moths at bay.

Hang on hooks and knobs to waft away the whiff of dogs or store in wardrobes and drawers to add a delightful woody scent. 


Aluminium is readily recyclable in most areas so please pop it in your recycling bin if you decide not to upcycle your items!

How have you reused your Sniffe & Likkit packaging?
Send us an email ( and show us or tag us on socials!


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