How effective is grooming at eliminating dirt and grime from a dog
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Which is dirtier, your dog or your home?!

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Which is dirtier, your dog or your home?!

Washing your dog’s fur coat and keeping their skin in tip-top condition isn’t just about ‘smelling nice’ (although that’s important too!)… it’s what they should expect as part of feeling loved and properly looked after.

We know (...and have met) some dogs are lucky enough to have a beautiful river or clean lake at the bottom of their garden. But the majority of our pooches are in more urban homes and spend a good deal of time out on the pavements, in the parks, on the beach and then… in your car, on your bed and snoozing on your sofa.

So, what’s the consequences of that?

Well, we spotted this great article from our friends in Canada, by Denette Wilford (at The Toronto Sun, link below) and thought it was a great question to ask. What this article does brilliantly is put a little more science behind the facts!

Which is dirtier, your dog or your home?!

Image: Nathan McDine

Here’s a few snippets: 

“To see just how effective professional grooming is at eliminating the dirt and grime and unfriendly organisms in a furry friend’s coat, mouth and paws, luxury mobile dog grooming service Barkbus studied the bacteria and fungi levels on dogs before and after a clean-up.

Testing showed a dog’s paw has five times the bacteria of a bathroom tap, and a dog’s mouth has four times the bacteria of a smartphone.

It should be noted the types of bacteria found on dogs aren’t harmful to humans.

A dog’s fur is filthier than its mouth and paws combined, containing 34.7 million colony-forming units (CFUs) — a measure of how many living germs were present — before a visit to the groomer. However, a grooming almost does the trick, eliminating all the bacteria but 10 CFUs from a dog’s fur, while 6.1 million CFUs were reduced to 140 in their mouths, on average.

On the other paw, er, hand, getting all the bits out of dogs’ paws is more challenging. Canines average about 6,500 CFUs in their paws prior to a groom and post-cleanup, that number didn’t even drop by half, with 3,200 CFUs still remaining.

Meanwhile, items around the house were also studied. And people can find solace in knowing that homes are always cleaner.”


Here’s the full links for more:


What can be done about it? Well, take a look at our handy grooming range to help keep hounds, homes and humans in harmony



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