What to buy dogs for christmas birthdays
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How to buy gifts for dogs

How to buy gifts for dogs

[Image: Patrica Alexandre]

The festive season is the perfect time to pick a present for a pooch!

Not many ‘days to go’ until our loved ones will be opening the gifts we’ve selected for them.

Buying gifts for dogs is quite ‘the thing’ in 2022 – from ‘gotchya’ days, to birthdays and all manner of other excuses for a little treat. Which is why we’re increasingly being asked, “what can I buy for someone with a dog?”

Here’s our tips, watchouts and some great ideas to inspire your shopping list this Winter.

We met with our pal Anna Webb to create this list and her excellent podcast can be enjoyed here

This year we’re recommending gifts to be sustainable, practical, good value for money & preferably, made locally.

Think about what a dog might actually want and need; avoid highly processed treats and very low budget plastic squeaky toys that rarely last more than a day.

How to buy gifts for dogs

[Image: Jakob Owens]

Buying for dog owners

Many new homes have welcomed a furry friend this year, so celebrating the new addition to the family is a GREAT idea, especially for hard-to-buy-for friends & family.

A little something under the tree for the new love in their life will really be appreciated… and should be very useful too.

Before shopping it’s helpful to know a few things about the dog;

  1. Age – not everything will be appropriate for puppies (generally under 4 months old) and senior dogs.
  2. Size - you don’t need precise measurements, but think in terms of small (like a terrier or French Bulldog) to extra-large (like a St Bernard). The most common size is a medium, like a Spaniel or Cockapoo.
  3. Allergies - If you’re not sure of their diet, it’s best to avoid treats and food-based gifts in case they’re unsuitable.
  4. Household preferences – are the owners into natural or sustainable products? A lot that’s available for dogs contains synthetics like plastic, nylon and polyester which may not be appreciated by doggy parents if they’re avoiding that.


How to buy gifts for dogs

[Image: Andrew Te]

What dogs want for Christmas

Hint: it’s really, really not Mariah Carey! (...although we're sure her 8 Jack Russells adore her, one or two have featured in the music vids)

1. Toys

Toys toys TOYS! Did someone say toys? From enrichment, to play, to help with discipline and even teaching your dog to talk… the selection is mind-boggling. Play is extremely important to dogs of all ages; it provides interaction with their humans, other dogs and distraction when alone. There’s literally a million to choose from, but we suggest going for long-lasting, non-plastic, stimulation-driving toys that will get used over and over again and help with wellbeing too.

How to buy gifts for dogs

[Image: Anastasia Ulyanova]

FROGG offer sustainably sourced and produced rubber interactive toys that are long lasting and offer timeless enrichment for dogs. And without a squeak, they encourage dogs to settle rather than exciting them

The ‘teach your dog to talk!’ kits that you might have seen on social media are ***amazing*** (we saw some great ones on our trip to SuperZoo in the USA) and whilst quite a few brands make them, we found this British company available on Etsy. We reckon this would be a pawesome gift for a hard-to-buy-for pet parent and keep everyone entertained for months!

How to buy gifts for dogs

[Image: Alexis Devine]

2. Treats

When we’re all feasting on festive foods, it’s great if the dogs can join in too. Be warned that some things we love can be dangerous for dogs (more about that here). Baked biscuits and cakes are great as these can be broken up and will last longer than a day, plus provide some interesting new flavours to their regular routine.

How to buy gifts for dogs

[Image: James Lacy]

We like natural choices such as the tasty treats from our friends at NIBBLE & NOSH. Sniffe & Likkit 100% natural biscuits (with skin- and fur-enhancing ingredients) are available in our MUTTCRACKERS (...nearly sold out sorry!), our handy POUCHES which also come in the PAW-KIT STOCKING and there are a few remaining TREAT TINS left on the webshop too.

The juicy air dried Spratts from PALEO RIDGE are fresh and minimally processed.

ANTLER CHEW is also based in Suffolk, like ourselves. Carefully sourcing sustainable naturally shed antlers in the UK. Pressure water cleaned (no chemicals) and cut to various sizes & weights to suit all breeds. They also have great venison snacks and items especially for puppies. Nibble&Nosh are also Suffolk-based and offer 3 different sized treat boxes as well as monthly subscriptions delivered straight to your door.

3. Comfy beds

Where to start? The choices are mind-boggling; but our pals at Country Living Magazine recently did a round-up of the best options and we think this is a great summary! You can read it here.

A top class upcycled dog blanket an idea can be found here on Etsy


How to buy gifts for dogs

[Image: Jamie Street]

4. Bathtime pampering

Especially in Winter, dogs get wet, muddy and smelly. To them this is ideal, but some Sniffology can help get rid of the whiffy in a jiffy… in a human-friendly way. Almost any dog can make use of a wet-wash shampoo and we have a whole range of cleaning items here. To make bathtime feel a little more special, we’ve made gift pack versions ideal for at-home pampering in the INN THE DOGHOUSE giftset and also our travel version, THE WOOFPACK for hounds who may be holidaying this year.

How to buy gifts for dogs

[Image: Jamie Street]

Dogs can’t regulate temperature through their skin like us, so after a bath it’s important to dry quickly either with a very gentle low-temperature, a good towel or a robe.

HARBOUR HOUNDS make some lovely drying robes, and for a handy towel with a sustainable story, our GLOVE MY DOG natural bamboo towel makes a lovely gift.


5. Doggy friendly stays / hotels

Beyond fabulous products, experiences that pet parents can enjoy with their furry friends make for great gifts too. We’ve noticed that lots of places might *say* they’re dog-friendly, but actually its more like dog-tolerant, which is nice but… could be nicer. Here’s a couple of ways to make a stay more memorable for a dog

How to buy gifts for dogs

[Image: Rachel Coyne]





6. Time with you: events and days out

For more one-off experiences, check our The Four Legged Foodies here and we love ‘Pop+Bark’ (you may know them as Pug Café) who have pup-ups all over the country for different breeds of dogs. More here


How to buy gifts for dogs

[Image: Rhaul V Alva]

7. Leads, Collars & Tags

Rather than gifting a pooch a Xmas jumper think about a festive bandana made from recycled natural fabrics. Be aware that most dogs are not fans of dressing up, because they can overheat easily and feel stressed by restricted movement or feeling too hot.

Even the best-dressed pooch can use some accessories such as a light-up collar for walking in the dark, and the “yellow lead” has become synonymous with anxious dogs… you can get any message stitched into the fabric… get imaginative you can say a lot more than ‘FRIENDLY’ or ‘NERVOUS’ – we’ve seen a few things too rude to publish here as well!

A practical gift is a LED light attachment for collars to be safe and seen in the dark, like these 

There’s no end of options here too, with so many places (shops and online) now selling accessories for dogs. We love WYLD CUB and also PAWESOME PAWS BOUTIQUE who are often at doggy events with us. Be wary of size when buying these categories and make sure it’s returnable in case of a poor fit.


8. A card your dog can eat

We’re huge fans of Scoff Paper’s lovely made-in-UK edible cards for dogs. With a special edible-ink pen as well to scribble a message in a dog-friendly way, it’s a treat and an expression of love too. Here's the Christmas collection


How to buy gifts for dogs

9. Books

Okay so this one is more for pupper parents obviously, but we like to think any dog will appreciate a well-read owner increasing their knowledge of what they need.  Always a great choice, in our ‘good books’ at the moment is “A Dog Day” by Walter Emannuel and Cecil Aldon, reprinted from the original 1902 book here & “Through a Vet's Eyes” by Dr Sean Wesley here



To make life easier, we’ve partnered with some of our fave brands to create the ulti-mutt Christmas hamper which is on-sale here at our friends up the road in Sunny Suffolk, Antler Chew. Pre-order now for delivery from 5th December. 11 fabulously local, new and exciting brands have come together to create the ulti-mutt hamper, worth £93 but on-sale for only £68.

How to buy gifts for dogs


For more information on any of the above, here are the links:





















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