The story of Dibby the rescue dog - a true gLOVE story
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The story of Dibby the rescue dog - a true gLOVE story

The story of Dibby the rescue dog - a true gLOVE story

From the shores of Sri Lanka to West London, Dibby has been on quite a journey to find his new home in England.  The following picture story shows Dibby’s journey …… 

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Dibby was found in a pile of rubbish on the streets of Talpe in Sri Lanka by Alex who was on her way to work at a street dog charity. 

She was about 3 months old, very thin, with virtually no fur and covered in wounds. 

The vets did not think he would survive the night.



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But with the care and treatment of the amazing staff at Dog Care Clinic, Dibby bounced back!  

By the time Dibby was 5 months old, he would follow Alex wherever she went at work. 

With plenty of TLC he started to recover and used to follow Alex everyday to her volunteering work at the street dog charity*.

They soon became so attached that Alex adopted him and they lived together in the village nearby. 




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When it came time to return to the UK from Sri Lanka in 2019, Alex brought Dibby with her.  

Alex first went through the challenges of lots of vet bills and paperwork to bring Dibby back, but neither would have it any other way.  

Dibby was finally loaded onto a crate with all the fruit & vegetable cargo at Colombo airport to begin his long journey home to Alex.  

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Dibby’s original name in Sri Lanka was actually ‘Darling’!

The Dog Care Clinic Charity in Talpe receives over 500,000 dogs and they allocate them each a name as they come in. He was such a little darling, so that’s what they named him!

However, not surprisingly Alex decided that  calling ‘Darling’ across her local park in London, Richmond Park, might attract more than she bargained for, so,  Darling became Dibby.  With his cute kangaroo ears, he is certainly a darling of a doggy!

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It is a true GLOVE story for Alex and Dibby!  They love bonding time with walks, grooming and using their Glove My Dog Natural Bamboo Towel. 

After a luxurious home groom with Sniffe & Likkit's Fragrant Furcoat 3-in-1 Shampoo and Give a Dog Cologne conditioning mist,  Dibby is fabulous & fragrant and living...

...Happy Ever Lather!

 *If you would like to donate or find out more about the Dog Care Charity Clinic in Talpe Sri Lanka please click on the link here

...If you'd like to Win a...

Glove My Dog Natural Bamboo Towel & Fragrant Furcoat 3-in-1 Shampoo, please tell us your Dog Love Story in the comments section below and we will enter you into our Prize Draw (entry deadline 31 August 2021)



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