Ho Leaf: The refreshing aroma and benefits
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Ho Leaf: The Refreshing Aroma and Benefits

Our Ingredients
Ho Leaf: The Refreshing Aroma and Benefits

A refreshing floral arrangement to take you and your hound back to nature…

Ho Leaf is a delicate noted scent that brings a stimulating and natural deodorant to our Woodland Wonderfur signature scent.

A refreshing clean sweet floral woody scent with delicate and fragrant notes

Extracted and distilled from the leaves of the Cinnamomum camphora plant, this aromatic essential oil is used for humans to assist with Athlete’s foot (a common fungal infection), depression and helps treat common colds.

The Renowned Benefits

Although this oil is great for the skin, we also specially selected it for a variety of benefits that can help our hounds relax as well as waft away those woofy whiffs.

  • Helpful for respiratory problems and nervous system
  • Calming nervousness
  • Gentle antiseptic
  • Stimulating
  • Natural deodorant

  • Provides relief from fatigue
  • Balance emotions and soothe the mind
  • Potential aphrodisiac


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