The Incredible benefits of Petitgrain for your dog
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Refreshing citrus: Petitgrain and the Renowned Benefits

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Refreshing citrus: Petitgrain and the Renowned Benefits

Citrusy, fruity and a refreshing scent.

When we think about our essential oil blend - we were very rigorous in choosing the right oils because of the intense power of a dog’s sense of smell.

A hound has got 220 million scent receptors in their nose whilst we only have 5 million… imagine that! That’s one powerful nose.

Thus, we have to make sure all the scents make SENSE and are truly something a dog will love and benefit from.

A citrus fresh sweet tangy scent with subtle floral and woody characteristics…

Petitgrain is derived from extraction of the leaves and twigs of bitter orange - Citrus aurantium amara Leaf and Twig Oil. Hence the citrus scent.

The Renowned Benefits

  • Uplifting & reviving

  • Calming & balancing

  • Deodorising/cleansing 

  • Antibacterial 

  • Antioxidant  

  • Natural tonic boost 

  • Balance dry or oily skin

A 1993 study showed that the benefits of Petitgrain can also be seen in animals - for dogs it can be used to support a healthy nervous system especially with nervous stress and calming nerve excitement (Price, 1993).

Anna Webb, one of the UK’s leading dog behaviour and nutrition experts has some first hand experience of Petitgrain helping her hound - Mr Binks - with his nervousness!

“... Mr. Binks is a rescue dog rehome. He was so nervous when I got him,very shaky.

 I was walking along one day and somebody asked me what his name was and said ‘Well no, you should change that. You should call him Elvis, because he shakes so much.’ I was mortified. 

Petitgrain is renowned for its kind of uplifting, joyful energy content that can transport a dog just by creating a reaction in the brain and combining with the energy of that particular dog. It certainly worked in Mr Binks’ case!”

Every essential in Woodland Wonderfur has been specially selected for their benefits and as Anna has shown - they speak for themselves!

Have you used Petitgrain for you or your hound?
We would love to hear your stories in the comments or on socials!


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