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Revitalising and Fresh: Juniper Berry

Our Ingredients
Revitalising and Fresh: Juniper Berry

Fresh, revitalising and… familiar? It’s like a summer’s day in the garden.
Where have you smelt this before?!

… Juniper Berry is a key ingredient in Gin!

To the surprise of many, it is actually packed full of aromatherapeutic benefits (not that it’s an invitation to pick up another glass - although our reusable tray from our Home Barking Kit does make a pawfect ice tray…)

A deep aromatic herby wood scent with balsamic and green undertones

Extracted from the spicy blue-black berry fruit of the Juniper tree (Juniperus communis) fruit oil, the scent is refreshing and deeply aromatic.

The Renowned Benefits

  • Renowned antiseptic used for wound healing

  • Tonic boosting

  • Traditionally used for respiratory and joint problems

  • Powerful antiseptic

  • Scent of juniper berries offers emotional support

  • Reduce physical and emotional signs of stress

Some other benefits of juniper berries are in the treatment of tapeworms, colic, urinary and gastrointestinal infections for humans and dogs. The disinfecting properties mean it can be applied directly to cuts and scrapes to help in healing...

It’s no surprise we love Juniper Berry so much!

Want to know more about all the essential oils in our aromatherapeutic blend?

Go to our blog section - there is one on each of them as well as another blog (here) that explains the benefits of all the ingredients in our wonderfur collection of grooming.


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