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Canine Conditioning & Care

Canine Conditioning & Care

How to keep your dog’s fur coat in tip top canine condition


At Sniffe & Likkit we believe one should always come clean!

By that we mean you should always have a clean, healthy, fresh smelling dog. But we also want to ‘come clean’ and transparent by sharing some of the wonderfur ingredients we have used in our formulas to ensure your dog has all it needs for a grooming marvellous, super conditioned fur coat that not only looks good, but smells great too.

 So here are our……7 Steps to a pawfectly groomed fur coat

Canine Conditioning & Care
  STEP 1 - BATH REGULARLY but not every day as this will strip all the natural oils from your coat. We would recommend 2-3 times /month using our Fragrant Furcoat 3-in-1 Brightening, Conditioning & Cleansing Shampoo with bonus Wiff Patrol natural plant deodoriser to help waft away woofy whiffs.

Our ‘Philosowoofy’ is to be as natural as possible whilst making sure we optimise product quality and performance. A dog’s skin is different to humans, in fact did you know that human skin is 3 times thicker than dog’s skin?. So we tailored our formulas accordingly, making sure they are pH balanced, mild and gentle and vegan friendly too. To that end, we searched far and wide and sourced some ‘bark’ friendly ingredients used in top end skincare products. For example, in our multitasking shampoo as well as a coconut based foaming agent we have added a special natural soap called Quillaja Bark soap derived from the Chilean Soap bark tree.   

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It is eco-friendly and sustainably sourced from native forests of South America. The benefits of using Quillaja bark soap (quillaja saponaria ) are the  mild and gentle foaming properties to help cleanse the fur without stripping excess oils.  

See video for more details on this pawsome ingredient.  

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Another bark friendly ingredient included is white willow bark extract, widely renowned for its antibacterial and moisturising benefits. 

A shiny fur coat is another sign of a healthy groomed dog.



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For a pawfect preen & sheen we have included a special optical enhancing ingredient to brighten the fur whilst moisturising shea butter and glycerine add nourishing, smoothing and conditioning benefits. 



We know that dogs love rolling around in the ground and have a particular penchant for fox scents. In order to combat mal odours, we have added a special natural plant odour neutralizer we have called Wiff Patrol.

Canine Conditioning & Care

This amazing plant extract is combined with the natural deodorising properties of our cedarwood  and petitgrain essential oils in our Woodland Wonderfur 100% natural aromatherapeutic scent  and helps to waft away those woofy whiffs.

No Time for a Bath?

Try using a dry shampoo like our No Rinse Charming Dry Shampoo Powder Shower – a 100% natural powder shower! Perfect for a quick spruce up in between washes. This speedy dry shower is simple and quick to use, just sprinkle on, massage in thoroughly and brush through. Then sniffe and admire your fresh fragrant dog!


Like humans, dogs shed their coats and need regular brushing to keep their fur in good condition. Brushing stimulates the skin and is great for boosting circulation. It helps to detangle and gets rid of dead skin and excess hair .



Ensure your dog is given a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet, rich in minerals and vitamins. Also, look out for products with a good source of Omega oils (essential fatty acids) as these are good for maintaining a healthy fur coat.

An occasional healthy treat such as Sniffe & Likkit’s Pawkit Treats button biscuits are the perfect 100% natural wholesome treat to give your hungry hound. Our canine Chef Thierry created a nutritionally balanced, naturally high fibre tasty recipe with sweet potato, yellow split pea flour and chicken liver that will keep them barking back for more! Hand baked in England, they are free from artificial additives and preservatives, grain and gluten free with no added salts sugars or dyes. Just pure natural wholesome goodness.


Fleas and ticks are a common problem for dogs especially in the warmer months. Whilst there are some dedicated treatments available there are also some natural alternatives and homemade remedies that have been proven to help with these little problems. For example, baking soda and salt are said to help dry them out.

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Sniffe & Likkits No Rinse Charming Dry Shampoo Powder Shower is made with 100% organic fur friendly powders including multani mitti clay (Fullers Earth), renowned for its insect repelling properties *, baking soda, rye powder, arrowroot and oatmeal. These fur freshening, calming and soothing powders help soothe itches and combined with the aromatherapeutic oils of cedarwood,  vetiver and petigrain help cleanse and refresh the fur fast. 



Imagine going walking the streets with no shoes. Baring our souls to the dirt and heat of the pavements which is exactly what our pooches do every day exposing their delicate skin to the elements and all the rough stuff out there.

To help protect paws from sores and provide nourishing and soothing benefits to dry cracked feet, we have created the wizard of paws –  the Fab Paw Soothing and Conditioning Paw Protection Balm.  99.98% natural (just 0.2% Vitamin E for added protection) this super conditioning balm contains seven moisture rich oils and butters to help protect, smooth and condition. Paw Paw (papaya seed) coconut, shea, sweet almond, sunflower, wheat germ and candillia plant wax help provide a natural barrier protection rich in omegas and antioxidant benefits. Keep a tin handy for instant smoothing and soothing.


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 Finally add some woof appeal with a spritz of our fabulously fragrant perfume inspired conditioning mist- Give a Dog Cologne. Packed with a powerhouse multi vitamin conditioning complex including panthenol and Vitamins C, D and E it also has a zea mays corn starch which adds silkiness and shine for the ultimate sheen and preen. Our 100% natural Woodland Wonderfur fragrance imparts a beautiful warm aromatic scent that is pleasing to hounds and humans alike. The naturally grounding essential oils of cedar wood, vetiver, petit grain, ho leaf and juniper berry have many aromotherapeutic benefits and are renowned for their calm and relaxing properties.

However, don’t just take our word for it- give them a go and feedback your comments to Mr Sniffe our lab in the lab at

He may think he‘nose’ best but we like to listen and learn. After all……….


At Sniffe & Likkit we believe there is always groom for improvement!


* Fuller's earth is known for its ability to absorb oil and other impurities, which can make it an effective skin and hair cleanser gentle enough for animals. It's also said to soften the skin and hair.

Dog fleas are not able to build up a resistance to fullers earth, so when they consume the tiny granules of powder then this allegedly causes the exoskeleton of the flea to break down. Source:


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