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How we created our signature fragrances

How we created our signature fragrances


Your dog's nose is 100,000 times more powerful than yours. Able to sniff our a teaspoon of sugar in an olympic-size swimming pool, can you imagine how overwhelming much of the world must seem to them, being so full of aroma-signals and fragrant messages?

Take a moment then to consider where they spend a good deal of time. Likelihood is, it's in your home. And how is that environment, sensorially for them? Is it a 'quiet' place, with natural and familiar smells that are comforting and relaxing, or is it a 'loud' space, dominated by the smell of chemicals, synthetic ingredients and artificial aromas that you probably barely detect?

Working with pet aromatherapists and some very picky pets, we developed two signature fragrances that are based on natural essential oils - the first, WOODLAND WONDERFUR is for products that are used ON your dog, so they have an extra layer of intimacy and proximity to your dog's sense of smell. The second, CEDARWOOD FROM THE TREES, we developed for use in other items like gifting and home fragrance. They work in harmony, both being full of woody and grassy aromas that are pleasing to both hounds, humans and homes!

A dog’s extraordinary ability to smell is driven by 220 million olfactory receptors. This is down to a special olfactory system above the roofs of their mouths called the vomeronasal organ which helps dogs sense things they cannot see: from illegal drugs to cancer…. and of course their favourite ball in long grass!


It’s well-known that this special sniff system dislikes some smells which humans can love… specifically overt chemical complexes ,vinegar, chili, chlorine, nail varnish or everyday cleaning products. 


Dogs find chamomile, cedarwood, cypress and lavender calming. They love foraging outdoors in grasses and woods seeking out animalic musks and notes.. noses buried deep with excitement in woodland floors and tails wagging high in the grass.

This was our inspiration and we went on to develop a fabulous FURGERE (Fougere) fragrance with natural essential oils that help masks dog odors and gives a pleasing sense of natural outdoor woodland, fields and habitat. Crucially, both dogs and humans love it, helping everyone live in harmony in their shared spaces.

Many pet toiletry aromas are based on cheap, artificial smelling fragrances that dogs don’t like!


An aromatic woody scent opens with top citrus notes of petitgrain to uplift and revive the senses,  carefully blended together with fresh earthy green grass notes of vetiver and a beautiful  infusion of  warm camphoracous cedarwood from the Atlas mountains.  A few drops of Juniper wood  bring rich aromatic notes that create a  wonderful woodland vibe, while herbaceous  Ho Leaf  infuses a beautiful fragrance of peace, cool and calm in the woods. 



A rich aromatic woody scent with fresh citrus notes of mandarin and  bergamot mingled with orris and juniper berry. The heart is a blend of beautiful  blonde woods, oakmoss,  patchouli and vanilla warming down to a rich earthy base of cedarwood, opopanax and artemesia.

Contains a blend of 10 aromatic essential oils: Cedarwood-Rosemary-Patchouli-Opoponax-Mandarin-Labdanum-Juniper-Guaiacwood-Coriander-Artemisia.


Hi, we saw you at Discover Dogs and mentioned that we were looking for something dog safe to use in our essential oil diffuser as you had one in your display diffusing your scent. You said that your customers use your product in diffusers. What product is that? Iíve searched your products but I canít find anything that could be used.
Natalie 05/12/2021

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