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The Sniff-ology

Fragrance - the heart of our philoso-woofy 

Our signature 'sniffe' has been specially created by pet aromatherapists using 100% natural essentials oils and approved by some very picky pets.

Inspired by fine fragrances, this sophisticated aromatic woody scent appeals to both hounds and humans alike and is renowned for calming and soothing benefits. 

The Power Of Scent
Pet Product Of The Year, 2020 & 2021

Winners of 2 Gold & 2 Silver awards

"The judges were impressed with the quality of the products and the presentation.  I think the terminology was fun, fabulous and fragrant! - PetQuip.



The Award Winning Collection
Grooming marvellous!

Natural products with well-being benefits

Working with experts, our multi-tasking products have been specially formulated with a powerhouse blend of natural, active & botanical ingredients to deliver top-quality grooming results at home.

Quillaja bark, white willow bark extracts, coconut and paw-paw all help to keep your dog in tip-top condition!

Find Out What's Inside
Wiff Patrol

Wiff Patrol is a natural deodorising complex made from a combination of Saccharomyces Ferment (Deoplex™); a special enzyme derived from fermenting yeast & sugar cane juice.

We then add aromatic cedarwood essential oil, renowned for its natural deodorising properties

Paw-some packaging!

For the bathroom shelf, not the kitchen sink!

Luxurious and practical, our beautiful silver aluminium bottles and tins are recyclable and reusable. We've avoided all non-necessary packaging, because it's what's inside that really matters.

Our packs are easy-to-open and easy-to-use… not something to be sniffed at when grooming your dog!

Recycling & Re-use

Celebrating the Joy of Pets!

Our founders came bounding into petcare from the beauty industry, with a passion and desire to create a new world of luxurious ‘pet-scentric’ grooming, gifts & treats.

All designed to keep hounds, homes and humans in harmony.