Fragrance Sniffe & Likkit
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For scent-sational sniffs

Your dog's sense of smell is up to 100,000 times more powerful than yours. So we created extra-special aromas to harness this super-power of scent and improve their overall wellbeing... think of it as 'aromatherapy for dogs'!

'WOODLAND WONDERFUR' is the signature fragrance inside products to be used on your dog, and contains the best quality therapeutic-grade essential oils derived from plants grown at high altitudes and cut at selective times. It's a beautifully aromatic essential oil blend that helps calm and relax dogs.

'CEDARWOOD FROM THE TREES' is similar and has more ingredients to keep homes and humans in harmony - it features in scented gifts and homewares.

Give A Dog Cologne
Fragrant Fur Coat Conditioning Mist | 125ml or 50ml

Fabulously fragrant, this fine fragrance inspired perfume mist has been specially formulated with a wonder-fur blend of natural aroma-therapeutic essential oils, fur conditioning agents and botanicals ingredients to refresh fur fast.

Available in 125ml and 'mini' 50ml sizes

Scent Somethin' Nice
Scented Room Sachet | single

Make homes, cars and spaces to be nice-smelling places. 

These beautifully crafted scented hanging sachets have been infused with a wonderful woodland aroma, inspired by a walk in the woods.

Hang on hooks and knobs to help waft away the whiff of dogs!

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