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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Dispatch and delivery

    We dispatch orders completed on the website same-day if your instruction is received before 2pm in the UK. You should expect delivery within 48 hours, often next-day, although we don't like to promise this as it is partly out of our control. We use Royal Mail, DPD, APC and other couriers depending on availability, size of your order and destination.

  • Delivering outside Great Britain

    We are currently only delivering to the UK from our website, although some of our stockists will ship further afield.

    If you are outside the UK, please do contact us at as we strive to increase our availability and reach through new border controls and may be able to make a special package for you! 


  • Can I use on puppies?

    All of our products are suitable for dogs more than 12 weeks old. 

    For regular washing and grooming, given a puppy's extra-sensitive skin, we don't recommend frequent washing with water until 4 months. 

    Our DRY SHAMPOO POWDER SHOWER, 'No Rinse Charming' is great for puppies though. Just sprinkle a little onto their fur, avoiding the face, and gently rub through. or brush out lightly. The powder will take away dirt naturally and add-in a wonder-fur aroma of our safe-for-dogs essential oils.

    A great way to spruce up a 'mucky pup' without the need for water.

  • Sensitive dogs

    Some dogs, just like humans, have extra-sensitive skin and may have, or develop, allergies to some ingredients (even natural ones).

    The short answer is: test a little of our product on your dog before using on broader parts of their skin/fur. A small 'patch test' somewhere that your dog cannot easily scratch or lick, such as the top of a back leg, is ideal.

    Our products have been designed to be gentle and mild, but effective. If you do notice a sore, itching or reddish skin reaction then stop using the product and contact a Vet, as this may be an allergic reaction to food, or even a response to a bite, tick or other skin issue.

    Always take care when using products on your dog and be attentive to their reactions.


  • Where is it made?

    We are made in the UK and our products proudly carry a (slightly differently coloured) Union Flag.

    For complete transparency: some of the components of our products are imported. For example, our natural bamboo towel glove is made in China - because they have much better bamboo there than we have here in East Anglia (...we did try!)

    Our essential oil blend is made from extremely high-quality ingredients that are often grown in tropical, high-altitude locations for purity and picked at specific times of the year. This is also tricky to find in sunny Britain, and so we bring these aromatic elements into the UK and then combine with our specialists in making shampoos, balms, powders and wipes.

    We were delighted to find friends in the South West of England who could hand-bake our Paw-Kit treats to our recipe and also make the dry Cake Mix that goes into the Home Barking Kit. We love them!

    Our business is based in Sunny Suffolk, in a small town called Woodbridge on the East Coast where there are so many dogs is oftern nicknamed WOOFbridge.

  • Can I use on my breed/hair type?

    Our products are suitable for all dog breed types. We have designed our formulas to be easy for you to use on your dog at-home or on-the-go as a way of keeping them clean and healthy between visits to professional groomers. There are some situations listed below where you may need more help (matting fur and serious soiling)

    All colours of fur respond well to our grooming products and owners of multi-coloured dogs may notice that dark fur looks richer and sleeker, with lighter fur looking brighter and fresher.

    Your dog will need his/her nails clipped, teeth checked and a general inspection of their skin and fur by trained professionals approximately twice per year - not every dog is the same, so some may need more frequent visits and others, much less. A professional groom once or twice a year is a great treat for your furry friend!


    If your dog's hair is prone to matting, they are likely to need professional grooming with clippers and a wash at the same time. Between clipping visits, our products are recommended. Note that when drying a dog prone to mats, rubbing vigorously with heavy cotton towels can make matters worse. Instead, using a 'patting' type drying method and a super-absorbent material, like our bamboo glove towel, GLOVE MY DOG available on our website for £24.


    Some dogs just love to get super-filthy! For their owners this can be a nightmare if they also enjoy sleeping on your favourite chair. If you have a very messy/stinky clean-up ( know what we mean....), you may do better with a more astringent shampoo with harsher detergents than ours to fix the problem. We don't recommend using such products often as they can strip necessary oils from your dogs fur and skin - and your muddy buddy won't enjoy all of the synthetic ingredients and chemicals. But sometimes dogs will be dogs...

  • Essential oils

    Our fragrances are carefully crafted using the finest grade of 100% natural essential oils renowned for their aromatherapeutic benefits, to create harmony for hounds and humans alike. Our signature scent runs through the entire grooming range and is completely safe for dogs to lick off their fur or paws.

    Aromatic and woody, for dogs this is a familiar reminder of the natural grassy woodland smells encountered in the great outdoors. 

    This creates a soothing and calming sensation for your dog and an alluring, aromatic fragrance for their owner.

  • What does it smell like?


    An aromatic woody scent opens with top citrus notes of petitgrain to uplift and revive the senses,  carefully blended together with fresh earthy green grass notes of vetiver and a beautiful  infusion of  warm camphoracous cedarwood from the Atlas mountains.  A few drops of Juniper wood  bring rich aromatic notes that create a  wonderful woodland vibe, while herbaceous Ho Leaf infuses a beautiful fragrance of peace, cool and calm in the woods. 


    A rich aromatic woody scent with fresh citrus notes of mandarin and  bergamot mingled with orris and juniper berry. The heart is a blend of beautiful  blonde woods, oakmoss,  patchouli and vanilla warming down to a rich earthy base of cedarwood, opopanax and artemesia.

    Contains a blend of 10 aromatic essential oils: Cedarwood-Rosemary-Patchouli-Opoponax-Mandarin-Labdanum-Juniper-Guaiacwood-Coriander-Artemisia.


  • How do I recycle?

    We've made every possible decision to make sure that our packaging has high recycled content and is itself easily recyclable. Local recycling systems do vary, but tend to be very consistent in recovering aluminium, board/paper and commonly-used plastics. These are the packaging types most used in our range - more detail below.

    We've also written a blog (January 2022) with more detail about our sustainable approach to making, packing and recycling our products.



    100% recyclable. Rinse beforehand.

Where can I buy

  • Stockists

    Right now we are on-sale in an ever-increasing number of independent stores around the country, as well as some well-known premium grocery and online retail outlets. There's a list of current stockist available by clicking the button in the menu or here