Happy Hound & Human Reviews



Not overpowering - just powerful

Absolutely love these guys! The air freshener is fabulous gone with the pong! Although we love the dry shampoo & especially the paw wipes as I have show dogs so these are a fabulous to have in our kits. And life savers on walks is they step/roll in 💩🦊!! Keep doing your magic team Sniffe & Likkit🐩⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (not over powering - just powerful)

- CH, United Kingdom


My dog loved the biscuits from the Barking kit!

Could get enough of them and they are so easy to do too!

- Kim, United Kingdom



Love the Sniffe and Likkit Home Barking Kit.

Made 18 biscuit from one pack.Even a non baker like me can use.

- EC, UK

Products smell amazing which will help my my stinky pooch!

So pleased I ordered these products! (Inn the Dog House and Wippet Pawkit Cleansing Wipes)
Great service and super fast delivery
Products smell amazing which will help my my stinky pooch.
Will definitely recommend and will be ordering again soon.
- SB, United Kingdom

Just getting in touch to say how impressed I am with your shampoo.


Bathed my Whippet for the first time ( he wasn't pleased ) as we are at a show on Friday (with the Fragrant Fur Coat Shampoo).
He looks lovely, it's brought out the colours in his coat, brightened his white trim and he has had a lovely shine.
I purchased the Woofpack, so looking forward to trying the other products too.
Thank you so much!
- B

Thank you Sniffe & Likkit we think it’s totally pawsome 🐾🐾🐾🐾

We won in a recent competition from Sniffe & Likkit I waited a while before posting so we could really test it out properly and give it a proper review. We’ve certainly had lots of wet and muddy walkies since it arrived! It’s made of a lightweight stretchy and natural bamboo fibre & is super absorbent while being very soft so it dries doggies very well indeed. It has padding on the back of each mitt & while using I found that if I twisted the towel in the middle I could slip my hands in to use these padded sides & get a firmer but still gentle grip to dry Reef’s torso and legs.He loves a good rub down😍Then I turn the towel back to how it should be and use the thinner sides to gently dry his face, neck, behind his ears and then get in between his toes and paw pads carefully so any muddy gunk, seeds or pine needles are quickly ousted. Ordinary towels can feel too thick and bulky at this point but this one is perfect for the job. It would be a good idea to keep one in the car so you can give your dog a rub down before they back get in it if they’ve been for a wallow or just got a soaking in the rain.

- LL, Scotland

(referring to Glove My Dog Natural Bamboo Towel)

 The smell lasts and is helping to calm our anxious dog

We’ve been using the cologne recently and it’s absolutely lovely! The smell lasts and is helping to calm our anxious dog 😊 he’s not a fan of things touching him, so we spray his collar and bed, will definitely be getting again! X

- MJ, United Kingdom



Fantastic and luxurious products for your fur babies.

We’ve been using the products for a few months now and loving them

- LR, United Kingdom

 (referring to our Home Barking Kit)

Highly recommend

My dog Beau absolutely loves this brand & I think they make fabulous gift ideas too. Highly recommend

- RWG, United Kingdom


Smells Amazing!

We used the bamboo towel for the boys today and it was fantastic... way better than a regular heavy towel and dry in no time - the dogs and the towel 😀 

- JW, Maidenhead


We're already obsessed with the "Give A Dog Cologne Conditioning Spray'

It’s only been a little while but we’re already obsessed with the ‘Give a dog cologne conditioning spray’ it smells divine and gives a nice sheen! Can’t wait to try the wipes next! The packaging is beautiful and came with the sweetest card - such a lovely business!

  • CB, England


Absolutely brilliant products.

We use them regularly on our chow chow and he loves them. Smells amazing afterwards too. It’s gentle on his skin too. Highly recommend

- RJ, Herefordshire


We love everything!

- SVB, Sheffield


It's all great stuff

We ordered a handful of products to try from paw wipes to treats and even dry shampoo...who knew there was such a thing?  It's all great stuff, with lovely packaging, came qujckly, the dog enjoyed the treats and we benefited from the nice smells!

- RP, United Kingdom


We will always be using your products from now on x x

We love your products. My pup smells beautiful and gets cleaned so easily

- VS, United Kingdom


This stuff is fabulous!

- AB, United Kingdom


Love the smell of this (dry shampoo)

- @happyhoundaccessories 

(referring to our No Rinse Charming Dry Shampoo Powder Shower)

These Hanging Sachets ..my car smells amazing!

- SH, United Kingdom

(referring to Scent Somethin' Nice Hanging Sachets)

Pickle (the otherwise stinky yellow lab) is loving her cologne!

- JS, England

(Referring to Give A Dog Cologne Conditioning Mist)

I’ve been using this on Bertie’s paws most evenings. The rough bits are lovely and soft

- @luxurydoghampers 

My black Labrador loves this (Fab Paw)

- JP, United Kingdom

I've just tried out the dry powder and I LOVE IT!

Also Chester absolutely loves the No Rinse Charming Powder Shower Dry Shampoo and just sat there which is amazing! He's not ever been happy with grooming like he loves the brush but anything with water he hates so I was so pleased he loved it! We also tried out the cologne and he actually loved that too! I don't think the fragrance is too overpowering xx

- SR, United Kingdom

Helpful and friendly, and the smell is amazing!

We met these guys at newbury all about dogs show. Helpful and friendly, and the smell was amazing. We used the shampoo the day after and she still smells lovely now. Our cockapoo was enjoying having her photo taken too!!!!

- KC, United Kingdom

These guys definitely know their stuff... This smells divine!

We met the vendors at All About Dog Show and they were so helpful and lovely! I’m very much into my own skincare so recognised a lot of the natural ingredients they use, these guys definitely know their stuff! Beautiful sandalwood scent with hints of juniper, cinnamon and orange - very calming. We bathed our chihuahua in their brightening shampoo and then dried him and rubbed their dry shampoo powder on him which we brushed through - it didn’t leave a white film on his black fur. The smell is divine! We also used their paw balm on him which is so high quality, you get a good amount for the price, and the scents are all the same so they layer on really well. The paw balm is so good I use it as a lip balm myself and also have put it on dry spots on my face. Great small business that deserves all the support!

- EY, United Kingdom

 The scented sachet completely gets rid of any doggy smells

We recently brought the "Scent Something Nice" Scented sachet, it smells absolutely gorgeous! Like a lot of families we spend a lot of time in the living room, the dogs are always on the sofa, sleeping, playing etc and as much as I clean the room can sometimes smell of dogs, the scented sachet completely gets rid of any doggy smells and has left the room smelling gorgeous and fresh! I am definitely going to get some more and even one for the car. The handy hook makes it easy to hang them anywhere!

- HS, United Kingdom

Pawduct Review - Fragrant Fur Coat Shampoo

So, it was into the bath to be lathered up with Fragrant Fur Coat 3 in 1 Brightening & Conditioning Shampoo.

It comes in a tube with click top which Mama said was easy to manage. She noticed that it had an iridescent sheen as she applied it to my coat which is probably a secret ingredient to help make my fur shiny. It certainly did the job. My fur felt silky soft and gleamed in the sunlight. Well, it certainly did until I decided to roll around in the garden a little later. I don’t know why Mama looked so annoyed as I rolled around on the grass. Clearly she could see it was enormous fun?

During my at home grooming session, I had a little Give A Dog Cologne Fragrant Fur Coat Conditioning Mist sprayed on to my fur during the drying process. This helped layer the ‘fougere’ fragrance which includes pet-friendly essential oils noted for their calming and soothing qualities. I also had a little sprayed on my bed to keep it fresh.

Mama said that it reminded her of Cherry Blossom shoe polish (apparently she likes this) and could clearly identify some of the ‘base notes’ as being cedar wood with juniper and petitgrain. It is a fresh and natural smell not too perfumed or sweet smelling.

As much as a love a bath, I am not super keen on the fur dryer but I was happy to stay put especially as the grooming products were accompanied by Paw-Kit Treats Tasty Chicken Liver Button Bites. There are definitely a big hit. The small bags are a great bath time accompaniment and handy for popping into a pocket for walkies (hint, hint).

The final touches were a dab of Fab Paw Soothing & Conditioning Paw Protection Balm on my pads and nose. The tin contained what appeared to be a hard wax of coconut oil and shea butter but this easily melted with the heat of Mama’s fingers so that it could be sparingly applied.

So I am now fresh, soft and silky again….for at least half of an hour. Where’s that lawn?